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Launch Interactive

Something I really should of posted a few months ago was the fact that I was leaving my previous work to start my own business.. Launch Interactive. Currently, I'm focusing on Web Development, Hosting and whatever else in between. So far I've been flat out working on a large Flash project, a few content managed sites and various other jobs.

The Launch site is currently in development but check out the splash page in the interim. If your browser supports canvas you will get some nice snow to have a play with. The snow interacts with your mouse cursor and you can shift the direction of the wind. Its the first time I've played with canvas and I'm pretty happy with the results however, performance could be better as I found rendering 100 or so rotating images at 25FPS can bog down some browsers. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve this I'm all ears.

And, finally.. if you need any work done don't hesitate to check me out...

Launch Interactive


  1. goyney - 17th May 2017

    You can do it bro!

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